Crazy Chia Pets, Brillant Thinking, and Good Marketing

Chia KittyDo you remember those crazy Chia Pets®? The little terra-cotta animals with a rough surface that you soaked in water, spread with tiny little chia seeds, and placed on a window sill. Within three days you had a cute “wooly” pet growing contentedly in your window. You could scrub off the sprouts and start all over again when the plants started to die.

Wouldn’t it be nice if life was like that? That you could just scrub it off and re-coat it with brilliant ideas, set it in a warm sunny space, watch your ideas sprout and grow? Only maybe this time they would take root and truly grow, not into a fuzzy cheap Chia Pet, but into your heart’s secret desires. How many time in life have you vowed to scrub off the old habits that are preventing you from moving forward. Old habits, like smoking, not exercising, eating more white sugar than you care to admit, or perpetually procrastinating on doing what is necessary to sell your products and services, write the book you have planning for years, or booking speaking engagements. Maybe today is a good day to line up all your “chia habits”, pick one, scrub it clean and replant it with seeds of success.

Old habits die hard. Most people cannot over come them without support, encouragement, and serious motivation. Serious motivation is where good marketing come into this story. Serious motivation comes from moving away from “the pain” and moving towards “the pleasure.” Hence the successful marketing strategy of market “the pain” but sell “the pleasure.” People are intrinsically motivated by the same things: achievement, recognition, pleasure, and an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy.

To make our newly scrubbed of chia habit successful we need to market the new habit to ourselves, focusing on what motivates ourselves the most, and we need to find the appropriate support and encouragement. This can be hard, especially if your circle of influence includes people who are stuck in the old habit. Think about someone trying to quit smoking but still going out to where their smoking friends take a break. That person would not be very successful in overcoming their addition to nicotine or the habit of smoking. The same is true in business. If you go to meet-up after meet-up with the same struggling entrepreneurs, it is likely you will just continue to be a struggling entrepreneur and find it very difficult to up-level your business. Breaking away from old habits is hard, but necessary if you want to succeed in work, life, and self.

The interesting thing about chia seeds is that they are extremely nutritious, packing in the most omega-3 fatty acids of any plant material. They are full of anti-oxidants, calcium, and high in fiber. The net result of including them in your daily diet is to stabilize your blood sugar, boost your brain power, reduce cholesterol, and cut down on your cravings for high sugar foods. An amazing little seed, better suited for adding to your smoothie than for smearing on a terra-cotta animal. Try adding chia seeds into your daily diet and see what kind of brilliant thinking might come from taking good care of your brain. Having a happy well feed brain makes an amazing difference in how you see life, how well you handle adversity, and how clever you can be at running your business.

Chia pets are not a patented concept but the name Chia Pet is a registered trademark of Joesph Enterprises, Inc.

  • Jen

    The TickleMe Plant Greenhouse is another fun grow kit.
    In it you can grow a pet like plant that closes its leaves and even lowers its branches when you Tickle It!